Dra. Fernanda Álvarez

Fernanda holds B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees form Universidad de Chile. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, Universidad de Concepción. Fernanda uses geochemical proxies to track the migration and evolution of fluids in convergent margins, with an emphasis on supergene processes. She currently studies lithium enrichment  in salars from northern Chile.


Dr. Pablo Sánchez

Pablo graduated from Universidad de Chile with B.Sc. and Ph.D degrees. He currently holds an appointment as Assistant Professor at Universidad Austral de Chile. Pablo’s research aims t to understand the feedbacks between fluid flow, deformation, hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in arc settings.


Dra. Irene Del Real

Irene holds a B.Sc. degree in geology and a Ph.D. from Cornell University in the US. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geology, Universidad de Chile. Irene combines field studies and geochemical data to study ore deposits, with an emphasis on IOCG systems. Her work is aimed at better understanding ore-forming models, and developing new proxies for exploration.