The Millennium Nucleus Center Metals Tracing along Subduction (NMTM) has created a series of activities and products aimed to the general public. Our emphasis is on schoolchildren, primary and high school teachers, and science lovers. Check our work here:


Photographic exhibiciones in public spaces 

Thanks to an alliance with Metro Arte and PAR Explora Sur Oriente, we created photographic exhibitions that promote the key images of our book ” La riqueza mineral de Chile” (ts. “The mineral wealth of Chile”) in subway spaces with high traffic. The platforms of the Rondizzoni subway station in Santiago have a series of gigantographies on display, and we have made available a collection of pictures for exhibition in shopping malls, libraries and scientific fairs.

2017 - 2018

Geology room renovación in MUCYTEC 


New exhibits, 3D models, murals and mineral samples are part of the contribution of the NMTM to the renovation of the Geology Room of the Science and Technology Museum of Quinta Normal (MUSYTEC). New materials were developed in close collaboration with the museum staff, who also received training on basic notions of geology, by our graduate students.


Book “La Riqueza Mineral de Chile” (ts. “The mineral wealth of Chile” 2017)

This coffee table book gathers more than 80 photographs of minerals, with a special focus on commodities  such as copper, gold and silver. The book aims to celebrate Chile’s mineral heritage and the  beauty of crystals in their most natural state. Its first edition printed 500 copies that were distributed free of charge to the country’s public libraries and Biblio Metro network.



The Metal Factory Video and Workshops 

This two-minute animation video (Spanish and English version) was released through social networks. The video was created with motion graphics in 2D (animated infographics), which allows us to explain in a most illustrative way how and why mineral deposits were formed in Chile.

In association with the release of the video, we carried out a workshop for primary and high school teachers entitled “Everything you need to know to do a geology class”. The workshops were taught in the Metropolitan and Aysén regions.