Javiera Villalobos

Javiera was an Honors Thesis student in the Geology department at the University of Chile, and her interests of investigation were geochemistry and petrology. The title of her thesis was “Determining the oxygen fugacity in associated intrusive bodies to copper porphyry´s using the application and calibration of the biotite(Fe)-magnetite-sandine oxybarometer”.

Nicole Loyola

Nicole was an Honors Thesis student and the title of her thesis was “The mineralization and hydrothermal alteration of the IOCG deposit Diego de Almagro, III Region de Atacama, Chile”.

Gonzalo Lagas

Gonzalo was an Honors Thesis student who´s work involved the mineral chemistry of the pyrite present in the IOA-type deposit Los Colorados, in the III Region de Atacama, Chile. His title was “The study of the mineral chemistry of the sulfides in the ore deposit Los Colorados”. The objective of his study was to characterize the metal content in the pyrites by analyzing the available information from the electron microprobe (EMPA) and secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS). He compared the concentrations of distinct trace elements, with special emphasis on Au, Cu, Ni, and Co, and searched for relationships between them to determine their origin and behavior in the hydrothermal system.