Students of NMTM organize the first student chapter of economic geology at the University of Chile

25Nov '15

Students of NMTM organize the first student chapter of economic geology at the University of Chile

  • The group seeks to channel and encourage interaction with the mining industry and promote interest in economic geology among students through exchanges, field trips, and lectures, among other activities.

Grouped under the wing of the international organization Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), students of the Millennium Nucleus Metal Tracers formed the first student chapter, integrating a community of 90 similar organizations around the world which can interact in a series of activities promoting the study of mineral deposits. In addition to the valuable network of contacts, this affiliation will allow students to apply for internal funds for land, analysis, and international guest lecturers, along with access to specialized publications providing a platform to share information and job opportunities.

«The SEG is the most important economic geology professional society, and being a part of this network will allow us to relate our group better with the industry nationwide. This platform allows us greater visibility and will facilitate contacts to generate cycles of talks, thesis topics, courses, and field visits, «says José Joaquín Jara, president of the student chapter at the University of Chile and doctoral student in NMTM. Vice President Gisella Palma and doctoral student in the core adds: «It is important that the industry knows what is being done in academia around economic geology, and that the communication link can be generated from students is very enriching for both sides. «

For Dr. Martin Reich, Director of NMTM, the organization of this chapter was a large outstanding debt. «Our Department of Geology is already 50 years old and we have a long tradition of research and teaching. The local student chapter of the SEG will be a great contribution to our department and provide students with a good environment for interaction with other SEG chapters in Chile (Concepcion) and around the world, significantly increasing our links with the mining industry. «

While the student chapter was born under the wing of the Millennium Nucleus Metal Tracers, the group is open to students of the Department of Geology at the University of Chile, undergraduate and graduate, who want to be part of the group.